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Wall Street Journal

This prestigious publication featured insights by Ann Laferriere, CFP® in Terri Cullen’s “Fiscally Fit” Column entlitled “Short Term Investors Find Higher Yields Easier to Come By”.

Washington Post

Ann was the featured CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® for the Money Makeover article "The American dream is breaking the bank". Ann’s advice helped this couple prioritze their resources which increased their ability to invest for retirement.

The Oregonian

"Where to kick kicker when check arrives?"  This Managing Your Money article by Julie Tripp discusses what to do with Oregon’s kicker refund.  Ann suggests "Use your kicker as a holiday fund instead of going into debt.  Run a quick calculation on what you might spend, then budget your holidays."

Chicago Tribune

Janet Kidd Stewart, columnist with the Chicago Tribune, taps Ann Laferriere, CFP® to help a couple determine whether they would be best served by focusing on saving for their retirement, pay for their children’s college or a combination of both.

Financial Advisor Magazine

Bruce W Fraser interviews Ann Laferriere, CFP® regarding the importance and benefits of business planning in his “Documents That Make A Difference” article. Financial Advisor Magazine is a highly regarded publication for industry professionals. 

Cascade Business News 

"What is Your Money Personality." In this article, Ann Laferriere, CFP® discusses human behavior and how it affects the way we handle money. She refers to the behavioral work by well-know psychologist Dr. Kathleen Gurney. If we learn to understand our own money personality, we can adjust our habits and possibly improve our financial situation.

The Bend Bulletin

In Chuck Chiang’s article "Financial services in high demand in Bend"  Ann Laferriere, CFP® conveyed her experience of clients making financial decisions, "There are increasing numbers of people who want to make sure they are doing the smart thing versus just hoping for the best."

Cascade Business News

"Financial New Year’s Resolutions?  Create the Staying Power You Need to Realize Your Most Important Goals."  In this article, Ann Laferriere, CFP® highlights strategies to help people create more of what they want financially.